Doc Steps

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Keyboard Shortcuts

Insert Adornment - cmd+k cmd+=

source directory

The directory which, including its subdirectories, contains all source files for one Sphinx project.

  • Execute the command <source directory>sphinx-quickstart to create the source directory

  • Take a look at Sphinx home page

  • Take a look at Installing Sphinx

  • Quick reStructuredText has the details of reStructuredText markup

  • Make the <source directory>/docs directory in the source directory
    • It is the GitHub Pages interface

    • Create an empty file <source directory>/docs.nojekyll

  • Add some text to <source directory>/testing.rst

  • Add testing.rst to index.rst toctree

  • Test command <source directory>make html

  • Add this to the end of the <source directory>/Makefile

# GitHub Pages

@make html @cp -a ./build/html/* ./docs

  • Test <source directory>/make github

Previewing Web Page

Open the index.html file in the source directory /Docs directory with a browser

Header row, column 1

Header 2

Header 3

body row 1, column 1

column 2

column 3

body row 2

Cells may span columns