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The Indexed Database API, or IndexedDB is a web browser standard interface for a transactional local database of JSON objects collections with indices. Websites can collect and save permanent data in a database

IndexedDB is one of the storage capabilities introduced into browsers over the years. It’s a key / value store (a noSQL database) considered to be the definitive solution for storing data in browsers.

  • It’s an asynchronous API, which means that performing costly operations won’t block the UI thread providing a sloppy experience to users. It can store an indefinite amount of data, although once over a certain threshold the user is prompted to give the site higher limits.

  • It’s supported on all modern browsers.

  • It supports transactions, versioning and gives good performance.

  • IndexedDB can be used for browser implemented functions, such as bookmarks

  • IndexedDB is a transactional database embedded in the browser. The database is organized around the concept of collections of JSON objects similarly to NoSQL databases MongoDB or CouchDB. Each object is identified with a key generated during insert. An indexing system optimizes access to stored objects

John Telford
John Telford
Portland, Oregon